General Terms and Conditions


1. General

These General Terms and Conditions (AFF) SAD document contains Gábor Nagy. (home: 2013 Pomáz, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 40., tax number: 66611628-1-33 , registration number: 36626483, Name of the Company Court: Metropolitan Court), hereinafter referred to as Gabor Nagy EV., a, and websites ('the web) Website operators and the services of (hereinafter referred to as User) rights and obligations.

On the use of the Website, the provisions of these terms & conditions shall prevail, User acceptance by the use of the website. This agreement between the user and the SAD Gábor Nagy. is established between.

The present terms & conditions 2014.12.17 entered into force on. The EV Gábor Nagy. reserves the right to change the terms & conditions, in this case, an e-mail to notify registered users of the changes.
The agreement of the user's e-mail address at any time terminate the

The agreement does not constitute a written agreement concluded, Contracts will not be registered under the, on to distance contracts 17/1999. (II. 5.) Gov.. covered by Regulation, apply the rules set out in respect of. The contract language is Hungarian.


2. Sign up

The registration PURCHASE NECESSARY!
This is a convenience feature, not to get all orders filled in again on the occasion of the delivery and billing form, just enter your email address and password.


3. Purchase

The purchase amount is stated unambiguously. Outside the scope of VAT for sale, It falls within the scope of KATA.

The price change is reserved for Gabor Nagy EV., look at the website which will be valid at the same time, and the price of the products ordered not retroactively affect.

The user submits the order accepting these terms and conditions available.

The EV Gábor Nagy. User is obliged to purchase intention, order by e-mail to confirm. If this does not happen after the order 48 within hours, the user will automatically terminate any obligation.


4. Shipping and payment

The purchase price of the product, the following options are available to compensate:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Sofort Banking
  • c.o.d. (6 For quantities less than pcs products)

The ordered products 3 delivered within the territory of Hungary business days to the address provided.


5. Discontinuance, refund

Right of withdrawal: In the case of receipt of product 14 Within days of the user at any time, withdraw from the contract without giving any reason.. In case of withdrawal deadline starts from the date of purchase service. The intention of cancellation in writing receipt of the product followed by stone 14 Within days, E-mail should be indicated in the e-mail address, Gabor Nagy, or SAD. in a letter sent to headquarters.

In case of cancellation, the consumer charges only the cost of returning the product. The product is undamaged original packaging 14 must be returned within days; the service consumer to demand compensation for the loss from the improper use of the product.

Product price paid by the customer service immediately, but no later than the date of receipt of cancellation 30 reimburse within days.

14 In the case of purchase for any reason beyond the date resulting from the withdrawal Gabor Nagy, EV. It shall not be obliged to reimburse the price of the product.

On the subject of distance contracts 17/1999. (II. 5.) Gov.. decree here view.


6. Copyright and Trademarks

The brand HEAVYGIFTS, slogan and logo Gabor Nagy, EV. own, who reserves all rights related to himself.

The legal HEAVYGIFTS retired Dr. us. Anna rozgonyi law firm provides. They protect our copyrights (look up the offenders, who
copied the contents of this website without permission), continuously develop and oversee contracts with data management and online marketing
our activity is, that you always pro, a share-date service. The copyright protection of 1999. LXXVI. Law deals.
Users have the right to on Facebook or other social media to share product images on the Web page, but only if the HEAVYGIFTS can do all this while maintaining branding. This kiretusálása, or use the image for commercial purposes without permission of the author!

The EV Gábor Nagy. reserves to unilaterally alter the terms and conditions of the right. The modification of the modified Terms of Use posted at the same time be specified by the user during the registration e-mail address. After repeated use of the modified Terms of sending the changes to acknowledge.


7. Newsletter

Hírlevélküldés we received permission by the data protection authorities are entitled to.
All can be found at the bottom of the letter sent to the applicant unsubscribe link.
No spamming, maximum immediately 1 We send a letter out of the latest products and special offers, so you will not miss anything.

Gabor Nagy, EV.